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September 2007—

#1 Seasons of Writing

I’m so-o-o looking forward to the fall. As the days shorten and cool down, I find new energy and inspiration for my writing. Do you?
I’m not sure what the magic might be behind this pairing of season and the creative muses, but it seems to happen every year. Maybe the brain (at least mine) functions better at temperatures below 80-degrees. Or maybe it’s because I’m less distracted by various outdoor activities—sailing, gardening, family vacation time. Whatever the reason, I am more productive in cooler months.

I wonder if every writer is seasonally motivated. Perhaps some write best during the warm months of summer? I also wonder if we might be able to trick ourselves into a more productive frame of mind during our low-energy periods. I’ve toyed with the idea of pumping up the AC and donning a sweater—making my office a virtual winter—but that would waste a lot of electricity. I have noticed, though, if I retreat with my laptop to a place like Starbucks or the Borders Books cafe, I can rally up a few goose bumps even during the height of summer. And I actually do make headway on my writing. Find the places where you write most comfortably. It doesn’t need to be at a desk.

Meanwhile, I suppose I should just be patient. Fall is just around the corner. And so will be the last chapters of my book. I think I’ll head out to my garden to coax the hydrangea into setting deep roots in preparation for winter. I talk gently to it. I’m sure it listens to my advice.